It’s been only a month since we launched RecurRex and it’s already been a hell of a roller coaster. It feels like we’ve been working on this startup for over a year… oh, wait, we actually did!

The era of subscription commerce

Who would’ve guessed that subscription would apply to so many products and services? From toilet paper to diapers, beauty products and even flight tickets, it seems like one can now subscribe to anything and everything.

When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense: you work long hours, commuting in traffic is a pain and when comes the weekend the last thing you want to do is go shopping for toilet paper.

But why RecurRex?

Because, in 2016, companies need to limit the risks of going to market with a new revenue stream. Because when every rupee counts, investment in technology does not seem to make sense anymore: marketing is the crux of every new business. This is where companies need to invest in order to get initial traction. Lastly, but not the least, because a subscription business is far more complex than one would think. From billing to marketing and analytics, those who decide to build their own platform – even if they don’t know it yet – are on a journey of at least 1,500 hours of development.

Why subscription, why not you?

With a few clients onboard before we even launched officially, on January 6, the response has been amazing. But, just like any new concept, subscription will take time to settle in India. So, our priority number one, along with providing a solid, all-in-one platform, is to educate companies that subscription can go along with traditional eCommerce as we know it. Actually, adding subscription to your online shop will help you increase your one-off sales as well. Some of the other benefits would include:

  • – Improved cash flows
  • – Better inventory management
  • – Better customer engagement
  • – Better customer knowledge
  • – And much, much more…

So, again, why not you… and why not with RecurRex?

At RecurRex, we have made customer and technical service pillars of our organization. We guarantee you best-in-breed support to maximize your chances of making this new revenue stream a success.

Get in touch, and don’t forget to ask us about our 1-year free plan!

Team RecurRex